Persian Cat Breeder 

We are a small cattery located in the Fort Worth, Texas area and have been taking care of Persian cats for over 15 years. In 2021 we decided to share our love for cats with other families, and started breeding them in accordance with CFA guidelines. Our goal is to grow sociable and healthy kittens that bring lots of joy and memorable times to their new families, as they did to us. All of our kittens are up to date with their check ups and have all necessary vaccines. 

Sires and Dams


My Dam Lola is a flat face white Persian with gorgeous big copper eyes. Her sire is a Shell Cameo Red Chinchilla named Romeo Le Dream and his pedigree includes Champion's and Grand Champion bloodlines. 
Lola is a sweet girl and has a calm personality. Her hobbies consist of bird watching. 


My sire Jasper is a remarkable pure face Tortie Point Himalayan with blue eyes. His dam is CeCe CH Hisglory's Goodness & Mercy  who holds a Champion Title from the Gulf Shore Regional show. 
Jasper has a beautiful face with an adventurous and loving personality.


My sweet girl Teacup is an extreme-face Blue Persian with green eyes. She is outstanding as her pedigree comes from a long line of Grand Chamions and Regional Winners, and her bloodline comes from Kitty Catoure, Cacao, Sandypaws, Fultonblue, Countrygal, Catsafrats and Catbery Tails. She has a thick wool coat, and she's proud of it!


Luna is a recent addition to our family, she is a Persian Tabby with big, beautiful green eyes.
Her Dam is a stunning Silver Chinchilla and her pedigree includes Champion's, Grand Champion's and National winner bloodlines. 


My sire Bruno le Dream Blue, with an extreme flat face is the kindest and funniest. His pedigree is outstanding as his grandmother is a Grand Champion Regional Winner. 
He has beautiful copper snake eyes and a wonderful smile. Together with Luna he will produce very rare miniature kittens, which will remain small and won't grow to usual size.